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Tel: (297) 732-8809
Tel: (297) 593-8439

With our phone rental program you are reachable any where and every where, you don't have to waist your valuable time sitting in a Hotel lobby waiting for Wifi connection

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Smart Phones

Our Smart Phones Plan:

1 Week $65.00  Free 1 GB & 30 Minutes to use for local calls

2 Weeks $99.00 Free 2 GB & 30 Minutes to use for local calls

3 Weeks $135.00 Free 2 GB & 30 Minutes to use for local calls

4 Weeks $165.00 Free 2 GB & 30 Minutes to use for local calls

If need more GB on your rental Smart Phone you can always purchase

All Smart Phones comes with the following program:

Unlimited calls to the USA & Canada 
Free calling on Toll Free numbers
Free incoming calls on your Aruba Smart Phone
Free group calling 
Data ready to set up face book, email set up, whats app, face time, instagram, twitter, google search, gps ready, navigation, weather channel & lots more apps
We provide you with a Aruba cell phone number

Be careful out there all the with your provider back home, they are selling a package to you that you actually doesn't have to pay for
All Smart Phones can be used internationally when have it on airplane mode
Having your smart phone on airplane mode means you are using Free wifi if it's available and free wifi you don't pay for it but your provider are charging you for that

arubadiscountcell doesn't run on wifi connections, we run our internet connection on real data which you can use everywhere

Please be aware for additional charges if using Youtube, Netflex or Live Streaming
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